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Episode 003. You Down with J-O-B?

Episode 003

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Not only are we all working it on stage, but we all work-it in the more traditional sense at day jobs. -Miss F-Bomb

Today we delve into our “muggle” jobs. Not only are we all performers, we all hold down those dreaded J-O-Bs. You might be surprised to hear what we do when we’re not tassel twirling or changing poopy diapers…

Science meets costuming is the most epic combination of all time! -Miss F-Bomb

It takes a lot of effort to juggle job, kids, relationships, and our own personal aspirations, but somehow, we manage (like so many moms out there). Being a mompreneur means so much more than just holding it together and wearing many hats at once, and today’s episode gives you an inside look at one of the big hats we all have to (and get to) wear—things that balance our lives, connect us with our families, and help us express our passions in a different way.

Links from the show: Okolehao, Trilogy Excursions, Pure Barre Maui, Getting Dressed with Lu in Luland, Iva Handfull, Body in Balance, and Theatre Theatre Maui

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Sadie Vine & Miss F-Bomb
Cucumber Lime Gimlet

Meal Planning at it’s finest! Check our blog post HERE for the complete recipe with Sadie Vine!

Lily O’Lei
Arbonne EnergyFizz Ginseng Fizz Sticks

Even though Lily was dreaming of adding vodka to this, it’s still a super tasty drink with a little added kick of ginseng to get her through her work day. Check it out HERE.

Cucumber Gimlet with Cucumber Mint Lime Simple Syrup

Bourbon Layne
Bees Knees

This might be one of my favorite drinks (even though it’s Gin, not Whiskey)! Lemon, Lavender sugar and honey, and gin–it’s cold, refreshing, and gives you just the right buzzzzz…see what I did there? Ha!

I cannot fathom making this drink on my own, which is why I always have it sent to me (because apparently, I am bougie now) via Slight Detour Maui, an artisanal craft cocktail kit company that has the cutest packaging and the most dangerous drink options (the kit includes literally everything, even a mini shaker, but the alcohol). You can find this truly gifted mixologist on Etsy HERE.

Bees Knees

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