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Zen Tea and Bourbon

Nothing like a little shot of whiskey to turn a drab cup of tea into something extraordinary in this Zen Tea and Bourbon.


  • I tea bag, F-Bomb chose Zen Tea
  • Bourbon, take your pick, but F-Bomb went with Elijah Craig


  1. Brew your tea to desired strength
  2. Add whiskey to your desired strength
  3. Enjoy
Zen Tea and Bourbon

Miss F-Bomb, “The Hottest Weapon in the Burlesque Arsenal”, is smooth like Southern Bourbon, spiked with a tart calamansi. Don’t underestimate her feminine wiles for she is a firecracker within. With her sardonic smile and legs for miles she will make your heart (and other things) go BOOM! Miss F-Bomb has an extensive dance and theater background and is the lead choreographer, kitten wrangler, prop mistress, and PR rep for Cabaret & Cocktails.

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