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Episode 011. It’s Freaking BHOF!

Episode 011

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Recently we had the honor and the privilege to perform in Burlesque Hall of Fame, Hawaii Edition! Whoop whoop! Toot toot!

In this episode we share what goes into planning and executing a performance, from conception to costume design, choreography to cocktails (or lack thereof) and everything in between.

Join us as we rehash our story of Burlesque on a Boat!

Trust us, it’s not all sequins, glitter, sunshine, and rainbows!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • Sadie Vine corrects herself so Snoop Dogg doesn’t get mad
  • It’s Cabaret and Cocktails, not Cabernet and Cocktails
  • Lily gets concerned about alcohol content
  • Go extra hard or go home!
  • Fart jokes
  • Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraiser
  • The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque, Dixie Evans
  • Burlesque Hall of Fame aspirations
  • Burlesque on a boat!
  • Cabaret and Cocktails calls in all the favors
  • Cinnamon roll pasties
  • The Pipeline trimaran boat
  • JBR Life Media brings all the cameras to the shoot
  • Creating a shoot schedule around water
  • Cabaret and Cocktails do burlesque on a boat
  • Burlesque as seen by innocent bystanders
  • Bourbon can’t dance sober
  • Calling in the frequent flyer miles
  • Costume updates
  • Lily gets burned
  • Merman off the shores of Maui!
  • Shell pastie tutorial
  • Sadie sacrifices her wedding dress for our costumes
  • Expressing ourselves as friends and as a dance group
  • Kicking kids out of the country club pool

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Links from the show: Ingoggo Gin, Ola Organic, Pantomime Horse, Miss Catwings, Trilogy Excursions, JBR Life Media, I Run a Tight Shipwreck, by Lilly Anne White, Reef Dancer, and Retro Floral Swim Caps

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