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Episode 012. The Show Must Go On!

Episode 012

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The term “the show must go on” is never more poignant than when you have a performance scheduled and you are lying on the floor puking up last night’s take-out.

We have all felt “under the weather” one time or another when we had to seriously rally for a show, a competition, or maybe just life.

Three of the four poor ladies of Cabaret and Cocktails have recently succumbed to the stomach flu while preparing for their first live show since the pandemic. In this episode, we medicate and meditate on the ways we stay performance-ready when we feel like dying a slow death by the toilet.

How do you rally? And when do you call it quits? Find out on Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • Lily dies on her bathroom floor
  • Wasn’t doesn’t sound good when you’ve had the stomach flu?
  • Building up an alcohol tolerance
  • Drinking alone with Bourbon Layne
  • Sadie sprains her ankle
  • Pro tip: always hire a physical therapist to work in your show
  • Festive urine
  • Trying to feel sexy through a bladder infection
  • Bladder infection tips with F-Bomb
  • Adrenaline and burlesque
  • The two-show curse!
  • The show must go on, even with Covid
  • Breaking a curse
  • Stomach flu weight loss
  • Take a break to wipe your kid’s butt
  • Backstage tricks to feeling better
  • How not to eat
  • Hot Toddy magic
  • Orange juice associations
  • Mimosa etiquette
  • Self-medication
  • Don’t do what we do
  • Bourbon basically gets the plague
  • Sadie’s Irish curse
  • Emotions or allergies?
  • Ancient Chinese secret Ginger tea
  • F-Bomb illness cocktail
  • Bath, ice, and Bud Light
  • Pro tips from a personal trainer
  • The benefits of ice
  • Our love of hot water
  • Pre-show self-care
  • To pee or not to pee, that is the question…
  • Blocking out the pain
  • Kid cameos

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Links from the show: Little Matt’s, Tiffany’s, Historic Iao Theatre, Gatorade, and Vick’s rub

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