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Episode 013. Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

Episode 013

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It’s spooky season, so what better time to discuss theatre superstitions!

In Episode 13 (whoa, we had no idea we were broadcasting such a sinister episode number), we tell haunting tales of candles, mirrors, unspeakable plays, and Burlesque hexes!

Do you have the courage to listen?

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • Bourbon’s obsession with Winc
  • Get $30 of wine for FREE at this link (
  • Dear Winc: Please sponsor Bourbon Layne
  • Bourbon was cursed
  • The two-show curse
  • Terrible tech rehearsals
  • F-Bomb’s sabotaged chickens
  • Dead dogs
  • Complicated lighting systems
  • Does a bad rehearsal mean a good performance?
  • Peacock feathers will give you the evil eye
  • Blue costume superstitions
  • Break a leg vs good luck
  • The downside of manifesting your destiny
  • The history of “break a leg”
  • Lily’s adorable son
  • Burlesque superstition
  • Get your shoes off the table
  • Don’t whistle while you work
  • The play that shall not be named
  • How to break another curse
  • Don’t turn off the ghost light
  • Pre-show rituals
  • Miss F-Bomb gets frisky
  • Backstage pledges
  • Covid put the kaibosh on on-stage drinking
  • What happened to our meet-and-greet?
  • F-Bomb’s shoe routine
  • Performance befores and afters
  • Sadie’s green curler
  • Sadie finally does her own lashes
  • Instagram ads work
  • Pre-show routines
  • Sadie’s lack of hamstrings
  • No bad talking
  • Audience energy
  • Burlesque love
  • Burlesque headspace
  • The new Cabaret and Cocktail ritual

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Links from the show: Dita Von Teese, Peekaboo Pointe, and Silly George

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