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Episode 028. Postpartum Body Image and Burlesque

Episode 028

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Being a mom is hard enough without adding to that all the crazy, postpartum body issues that seem to inevitably arise.

Today we discuss just that, the postpartum body issues and performing Burlesque pre and post-baby. How has pregnancy, planned or unplanned, changed the way we view ourselves (both mentally and physically)? How have our careers changed or surprisingly, not changed? What can we do to get back our sexy?

From postpartum struggles to wearing a thong on your head, be prepared for a lot of laughs, a lot of reality, and a lot of cursing!

Find out on today’s episode of Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • Mother’s Day pre-game
  • Barre and bubbles
  • Boozy salad dressings
  • The love/hate relationship with motherhood
  • How to regain your sexy after baby
  • Body positivity
  • Adult ways to regain your sexuality
  • Pole Dancing and Burlesque
  • Societal pressures of motherhood and body image
  • Society has gone bat-shit crazy
  • Finding a sense of self
  • Knowing your body
  • Planned and unplanned pregnancies
  • Bourbon Layne birth announcement
  • Performing while pregnant
  • Balloon number problems
  • Birthing shit-shows
  • Birth plans
  • Losing your identity as a mom
  • Body positivity
  • Keep your body happy
  • Finding time for yourself
  • You are sexy as you are
  • All bodies are beautiful
  • Regaining yourself through movement you love
  • The problem with Mom’s Groups
  • Bonding over more than the shared experience of motherhood
  • Do something that makes you happy
  • Being a better friend to yourself
  • It’s hot as balls backstage!
  • You can’t choose where you lose
  • Fake it ‘til you make it
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • You choose how to express yourself

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