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Episode 029. Burlesque DADS?!

Episode 029

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In honor of Father’s Day, we want to introduce you to some of our favorite Burlesque Dads!

We are proud (and perhaps a little wary) to have this episode hosted by DotCom (you may know him as Sadie Vine’s husband from Episode 025), Maker Howl (Miss F-Bomb’s husband), Doc Titanium, and Dan Frontier.

In their own words, the Burlesque Dads will discuss what it is to be a male performer, a parent, and a supporter of Burlesque.

Get ready to laugh … and maybe write us a seething letter of protest. As usual, alcohol was involved and there is no censoring this group!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • What’s coming up for Maker Howl
  • Chicken feather boas
  • Dan Frontier’s rise to solo performer
  • Doc Titanium’s lack of rhythm
  • Hosting, stand-up, and heckler control
  • We love our burlesque audiences…I think we’ve told you before
  • Is Burlesque Moms aka Cabaret and Cocktails a coven of witches?
  • The Dad-reflex
  • The worst thing in the burlesque world
  • Glitter, so much glitter
  • Backstage differences
  • Comedy and burlesque
  • Onstage confidence
  • Surprising ways to take off your clothing
  • Shitty burlesque
  • Doc Titanium’s deathbed memories
  • The absurdity of burlesque
  • Maui burlesque
  • Our script-writer, Sadie Vine
  • “Burlesque is about normal people finding their power and their beauty.”
  • Well-said Doc!
  • Sexy is a state of mind
  • Virtual vs live performance
  • First-timer performances and audience interaction
  • A cameo from Bourbon Layne … who is not a Dad, thank you for the clarification
  • This is what’s beauty!
  • What makes burlesque “tits up”?
  • What’s in the future for these men on stage?
  • What does being vulnerable look like for men?
  • Cancel culture vs. tired culture
  • Vulnerability with men’s performance

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