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Fix Your Face: Makeup Removal Tips and Tricks

Fix Your Face: Makeup Removal Tips and Tricks

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Need some tricks for applying killer make-up? Ask anyone but me. But taking off all that makeup? Now in THAT I consider myself an expert.

If you saw me in the street, you’d wonder if I’d ever even heard of makeup, but my performance and costume makeup is INTENSE and requires more than a baby wipe (p.s. don’t use baby wipes).

As a Burlesque, Pole Dance, and Aerial Performer, and amateur creature-creation lover, I have seen and scrubbed my fair share of makeup removal horrors from lost eyelashes to liquid latex mishaps, body paint staining and glitter catastrophes (isn’t everything with glitter a catastrophe?).

Fix Your Face: Makeup Removal Tips and Tricks

Over the years I can honestly say that I have perfected the art of stripping off the layers of gunk from my face. Here are my top tips on how to fix your face:

Tip #1: Don’t Rush

I get it. It’s 3am and the excitement of the night has worn off, unlike your buzz. All you want to do is fall into bed and deal with the raccoon-eye consequences tomorrow. Resist! No matter how tired you are, take the time to fix your face!

If you have a crazy amount of product on your face, it’s going to take some time to remove—like the baked-on lasagna in the pan, you need to soak. Soak in the makeup removers.

If you are using a dedicated make-up remover (I actually love this Sephora brand eye makeup remover), leave that sh*t on your face so it can penetrate. That way you can avoid the scrubbing and irritation (and the morning after “blink of shame”).

I employ the same method for the cleanser I have chosen. Lather up, leave it on, do something else (brush your teeth, remove your lashes, detangle your hair from excessive hairography, whatever), and THEN tackle the actual removal of product.

Fix Your Face: Makeup Removal Tips and Tricks

Tip #2: Say “No” to Wipes

Did you put that face on in 30 seconds? No. So why would a quick swipe with a baby wipe and a scrub be sufficient? Hint: it isn’t.

First off, baby wipes or make-up wipes should only be used to take off a layer before you head to the bar post-show, or take off a layer before you properly cleanse.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads where a woman uses a makeup wipe and one side of her face is totally made-up and the other side is absolutely pristine. Lies. We all know that ads like this are lies. You will never get that kind of clean without a little soap and water. Stop kidding yourself and get serious about your skin.

Tip #3: Invest in Proper Cleansers

It’s ok to have a separate cleanser just for heavy makeup days. I used to think that made me high maintenance, but dude, life changer!

Back in the day, I would just use some baby oil to remove body paints, etc, but there are actual products that are literally made to remove excess gunk AND treat your skin well.

Some of my favorite options are:

  • Micellar water: alcohol-free and excellent at removing makeup and oils
  • Cleansing balms (love this BeautyCounter buy): super effective at getting off stubborn makeup
  • Oil-based (I swear by this random find): don’t be deceived by oils, they are amazing at dissolving everything on your face…or anywhere

After a good initial cleanse with an oil-based or balm, I follow with a mild cleanser to make sure everything is good and gone.

Fix Your Face: Makeup Removal Tips and Tricks

Tip #4: Care About Your Hair(line)

Of course, a post-show shower is ideal, but if you don’t have it in you, you need to at least address your hairline. Oils from your hair can transfer onto your skin like nobody’s business, so it makes a difference to massage your cleansers into your hairline.

Tip #5: Eyelash Love

If you are rocking the falsies like any good burlesque performer, you will need to take some extra care with your peepers.

I am begging you, do NOT try to peel the adhesive off your lashes! You will only peel off your actual lashes. And scrubbing will lead to wrinkles. Bleh.

Pro tip: hold a cotton round with eye makeup remover on your (closed) eye for up to five minutes and then attempt to remove glue residue.

Tip #6: Moisturize!

No matter how carefully you cleanse, or what skin type you have, you MUST moisturize, especially after removing a bucket of product! Your skin is so sensitive and you need to show it some love after a show…or a date…or Halloween…or a random Thirsty Thursday. That goes for your face, your lips, and that oh-so-delicate undereye area.

Tip #7: Tool Around

Oooooo, fanciness! If you are open to awesome, I highly recommend adding some incredible tools to your routine, including the LumiSpa cleansing device (to DIE for). Snag one for yourself and get wholesale pricing with the below links! Boom and you’re welcome!

I wish I had taken a picture of the DISGUSTINGLY awesome results this tool had for me after a headshot shoot. I think I had more makeup on during this shoot than my Exorcist costume.

Fix Your Face: Makeup Removal Tips and Tricks
Fix Your Face: Makeup Removal Tips and Tricks

I’m not joking when I say this tool is incredible for buffing and polishing every inch of your fragile face without damaging it. LOVE!

Actual yuckiness removed from a normal day (🤮):

Fix Your Face: Makeup Removal Tips and Tricks

Tip #8: Listen to Yourself

No one knows your skin and its “issues” like you, so listen to your skin above all else. If you are constantly waking up the day after a show with “angry face” then take a good, hard look at your skincare routine and make adjustments. Only you can prevent “angry face.”

How do you care for your skin post-show? What are your tips for removing tons of makeup, prosthetics, glitter, etc.?

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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