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CBD Chai Flavored Iced Coffee

Can a drink be both energizing and calming? Apparently, yes! Lily takes a classic iced coffee and adds a spicy chai CBD tincture to tone down the buzz and turn up the fall flavor of this CBD Chai Flavored Iced Coffee.


  • Iced coffee of your choice (we prefer coffee ice cubes so you don’t dilute your drink)
  • 1-3 drops of CBD oil (always start small and build)


  1. Prepare your coffee as usual
  2. Add a couple drops of tincture and gently stir
  3. Enjoy
CBD Chai Flavored Iced Coffee

Lily O Lei, “The Tropical Princess of Burlesque”, is an island girl with passion on her mind, ocean waves in her heart, and sailing in her blood. Lily excels at bringing character and charisma to all of her performances. As one of the leading creative forces behind Cabaret & Cocktails, and an outstanding soloist on her own, she has performed across the island of Maui and beyond.

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