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Episode 005. “Choo Choo Booty” and Other Things My Kid Says

Episode 005

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Of all the challenges we face as performers, there is no greater challenge than our children. Gone are the days of late nights out drinking and dancing (well, at least not as many and not with such abandon). Gone are the leisurely rehearsals and complicated costumings.

Instead, we have munchkins underfoot, crying, bribery, underage babysitters, and multitasking like the lady bosses we are!

This week we skim the surface of challenges and changes that have occurred AC (after children) and we reminisce on the BC (before children) days.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • What is a Vagina Smoothie?
  • What is a Shrub and Shrubbery secrets
  • Efficient rehearsals
  • What rehearsals were like BC-Before Children
  • What rehearsals are like AC-After Children
  • Dancing with kids, literally with them
  • Pay rates for underage babysitters
  • Inappropriate love triangles
  • Who wrangles the children?
  • Choreography for kids
  • “Choo-choo booty”
  • Post-natal care in a Burlesque Troupe
  • Lies we tell our children
  • Why our babysitters are better parents than us
  • The benefits of video vs live
  • Virtual Christmas party practices
  • Why Sadie’s sister, Annie, doesn’t let us play at her house anymore
  • F-Bomb’s parenting observations
  • A BIG “thank you” to F-Bomb
  • Uncle J’s coping mechanisms
  • Puppy coping mechanisms
  • How crafting and costuming has changed
  • Why Bourbon can never leave her kid alone
  • Monkey on Bourbon’s back
  • How Lily’s breaks in her heels
  • Wig styling with Lily and Winston
  • Custom costumes with Sadie
  • What’s in Sadie’s closets?
  • Making costuming easier
  • The best show Sadie’s ever costumed
  • Go-Go Pirate F-Bomb
  • Lily’s favorite musical/movie
  • Our favorite song, “Porn World”
  • Making a headless costume
  • It’s blood spatter not splatter
  • Decapitation
  • Our “divide and conquer” mentality
  • Post-partum body issues
  • Sadie’s vaginal encounter with a sledgehammer
  • The miracle of childbirth
  • Post-baby glory
  • Pregnancy and sexuality
  • All sizes and ages of Burlesque
  • Boot-licking good times

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