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Episode 006. A Chicken, Some Kids, and a Dog Walk into a Bar…

Episode 006

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Oh, burlesque. Oh, children. Oh, children and burlesque? Do those even go together?

In our last episode, we spoke about some of the major challenges children have brought to our burlesque careers. This week, we talk about the few and surprising benefits our children have given us…and no, we don’t mean the general “joy” of parenting.

We won’t lie, this episode was MUCH tougher than describing how children make our jobs harder, but still, we find joy in the little things like spending time together, creative crafting, and obscure, bizarre inspiration.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • What’s going on at Sadie’s house aka reasons to drink tequila
  • The benefits of kids and burlesque
  • Peppa Pig and Baby Shark Burlesque?
  • Little girl’s clothing
  • Pandora Nursery Rhymes station
  • Veggie Tales inspiration
  • Hamburger Ballet
  • Bourbon steals from children
  • Lily’s year-round shopping tendencies
  • Lily speaks our truth
  • Time management or should we say MOMagement?
  • Appreciating time with friends
  • Creative outlets and escapes
  • Weird overlaps between kids’ things and burlesque</li
  • The Four My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse
  • Bourbon steals craft supplies from children, too.
  • Pets and Burlesque
  • Making pasties for puppies
  • Pet stars
  • F-Bomb’s chicken feather supply
  • Burlesque with chickens
  • Creepy Disney Princess F-Bomb
  • Drinking with Chickens and chicken lingerie
  • Don’t work with kids or animals
  • Photo and video shoots with kids!
  • Photography editing at its finest
  • Costume concessions
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Is it worth the babysitter?
  • Kenneling your kids
  • Leaving kids in the car
  • F-Bomb’s shopping horrors with Bourbon
  • Did Bourbon have a baby or a tiny monster?
  • Sadie’s baby is seriously the cutest
  • Talking to Sadie’s boobs
  • Reason #500,261 why Bomb should not be a Mom
  • Why Target Drive-Up is the best thing ever!
  • Target, Bourbon is mad at you!
  • Lily tells us something to look forward to
  • Sadie’s daughter is not “normal”
  • Lily leaves her kid at home

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Links from the show: Cat & Jack, Veggie Tales, Legally Blonde: The Musical, TTM – Theatre Theatre Maui, Norah Jones – “Man of the Hour”, Drinking with Chickens (we love you!), and Brett with Wulf Pack Creative Team

In this episode, we make light of things like kenneling children, leaving the kids in the car, or leaving kids at home. We do not intend to offend or downgrade the severity of these offenses. We are merely venting some of the frustrations parents have with managing everything we have to manage on a daily basis. We love our children and would never intentionally harm them in any way. As a side note, Maui has an extremely low crime rate and you feel like you know just about everyone here, so we make these jokes knowing full well that we are blessed to raise our kids in such an incredibly safe environment.

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