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Episode 008. Strength in Numbers

Episode 008

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Noun, a group of dancers, actors, or other entertainers who tour to different venues, “a dance troupe.”

Cabaret and Cocktails is Maui’s cheekiest Burlesque Troupe. We are a group of strong performers in every sense and we shine the brightest as a group.

Some of our absolute favorite memories include choreographing, creating, and performing together in our group numbers. Keep listening for an inside look at our creative processes, costume malfunctions, and general stage mayhem as we discuss our most memorable group acts.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • Sadie’s proximity to the brew pub
  • Drinking from a sippy cup
  • Hawaii and garage parties
  • Kid’s say the cutest things about whiskey
  • Miss F Bomb’s dislike of country music
  • Lily’s fear of Bourbon Layne
  • How Golden Girls brought us closer
  • Lily talks about the hardest group numbers
  • Yoga pants on a Burlesque stage
  • F Bomb and Bourbon like being upside down
  • Pregnant Bourbon does some chair and lap dancing
  • Bourbon tries to trick F Bomb
  • Dominatrix nurses
  • Homeless people and dungeons
  • Pleasers are not pleasurable
  • Lily loses her shit
  • Some of our WORST group numbers
  • Trying to perform into a void
  • We love our old crowd!
  • When burlesque doesn’t work
  • Hula dancers and assels
  • Stage Mom Lily
  • Acting and dancing
  • Holding liquids in our mouths
  • Bourbon pops her Burlesque cherry
  • Taking your bra off while doing a drop split, #lifeskills
  • Lily falls on her ass
  • Sadie’s love affair with her “Bad Girl” boots
  • Square Dance Conventions make great dates
  • Lily’s philosophy on outfits
  • How Scott won Lily’s heart with promises of closets
  • Lily is an audience a-hole
  • Tsunami’s ruin Sadie’s performance
  • Why it’s hard to leave a showing of Cats
  • Squirrels!
  • Sadie’s boobs are 24 snaps big!
  • Lily lucks out at the Goodwill
  • Covid and the two-show curse
  • Hey Big Spender
  • Burlesque Zombies
  • Sadie hates Bob Fosse
  • Thriller flash mobs
  • Lactic acid hangovers
  • Terrifying the masses
  • Learning how to make people feel uncomfortable, a Bourbon Layne 101 tip
  • Eye contact
  • Hairography, Eye Fuckery, and Fierce: The History of Leopard Print with Jo Weldon
  • The history of sex workers and burlesque
  • Models doing ballet
  • Point your toes and fix your face!
  • What ruins group numbers for us!
  • Dancer feet
  • Irish dancing
  • Bourbon hates on people some more
  • A shoe will not fix your lines
  • Bourbon overuses the word “adorable”
  • Our connection on stage
  • Cabaret and Cocktails’ signature Cupcake number
  • “Booty Girls”
  • Bumper sticker ideas
  • New group number themes
  • Pony play
  • Bat Ballet

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Links from the show: Maui Brewing Company, Hula Grill, Kaanapali, Pleasers, Fringe Festival, Sweet Charity, Iao Theatre, Jo Weldon, Fierce: The History of Leopard Print by Jo Weldon, Models doing ballet, and Chris Ohfficial

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