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Episode 017. Let’s Produce and Party!

Episode 017

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How do we put on a show? From deciding on locations, picking days and time, choosing a show theme, hiring and auditioning performers, and so much more, how do you put on a show?

In today’s episode, Sadie Vine takes the reigns as we discuss her favorite part of Burlesque—producing!

What works?
What doesn’t?
How do you wrangle performers?
How do you create a cohesive show?
And how does this help us plan children’s parties?

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • Producing a burlesque show
  • Scheduling your show day and time
  • What are you competing within the community
  • Size matters
  • Sharing performers
  • Deciding on a show theme
  • Finding performers
  • The theatre family
  • Trusting your performers to get it done
  • The C&C backstage presence
  • Pastie Premiers
  • Kittens and the all-important crew
  • The blessing of stage managers
  • How burlesque productions apply to kids and dinner parties
  • How and why a theme works for party planning
  • Delegating party preparations
  • Exploiting your friendships
  • Party in a box…thanks Amazon!
  • Adding the special touches
  • Bourbon’s baby shower
  • Monster face onesies and other cute crafts
  • Pinterest, Amazon, and Etsy
  • Supporting Local
  • Know your limitations
  • If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it!

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