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New Year’s Resolutions: Burlesque Edition

New Year’s Resolutions: Burlesque Edition

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In today’s show we are talking all about our Burlesque New Year’s Resolutions. Is that even a thing? Apparently, it is.

But as we were discussing, well, what we were going to discuss, I started thinking about all the goals I had for 2022, in particular my Burlesque goals.

As many of you know, I am the one who lives 5,000 miles away from my troupe. I’m the one we fly in when we have performances (thanks, tax write-offs). I am the one who learns the choreography over recorded video and sets-up podcasts and meetings over zoom.

It’s not exactly an ideal situation.

It’s not surprising that I’ve begun contemplating my role within the company and what I could truly “bring to the table” now that I’m physically so far away. Before I left, we even discussed my leaving the company all together and redistributing shares to make it more feasible as a business. I was quickly vetoed.

So, what are my goals for Cabaret and Cocktails, Burlesque Moms, and Bourbon Layne as companies, brands, and businesses? Here’s the short list:

  • Book at least one mainland performance as Bourbon Layne
  • Book at least one mainland performance for Cabaret & Cocktails
  • Book our Burlesque Moms crew on at least 3 other podcasts
  • Book at least 3 people on our show (apply at
  • Hire an agency to represent me here (sigh, not my favorite, but this market is literally ginormous)
  • Build our Burlesque Moms blog to triple the viewership
  • Build our Burlesque Moms podcast followers to quadruple the listeners
  • Create at least one new act with what I call a complicated reveal, and actually SEW this costume as opposed to relying on various types of glue
  • Teach all the ladies at C&C about Instagram reels—what can I say, we’re old!
  • Help produce 4 Hawaii shows
  • Take a corporate retreat with C&C. My vote is either Lily’s place in Tahiti, or something revolving around what Lily claims is our US Tour
  • Grow a Calamansi tree (ask Miss F-Bomb why)

Of course, on top of that are the more traditional “resolutions” of:

  • Get healthier (Froot Loops count as fruit, right?)
  • Make more time for myself (currently in the process of hiring a new VA, so hopefully this will start happening in January 2022)
  • Be a more patient mom (oye vay, if you only knew my kid)
  • Take a vacation (as a workaholic, this is literally a goal I have trouble completing)

What are your goals and resolutions this year? Anything that would surprise me?

Obviously, I wish you good luck and an incredible 2022! If you want to raise a glass (or bottle) with me, I still highly recommend Winc to my mainlanders. Here’s a link:

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Bourbon Layne, “A Warm Shot of Burlesque Whiskey”. Bourbon Layne is the most mysterious member of Cabaret & Cocktails. She’s sinfully sultry with a steamy sense of humor. She’ll wrap around you like a warm shot of burlesque whiskey, and leave you drunk and wanting more. Bourbon has a unique creative outlook and comes with an impressive aerial background to Cabaret & Cocktails.

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